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Our quality physical termite barrier systems, installed during construction, can't leach chemicals, rust, or corrode and have 50 year durability.

Protectant Pest Management has designed the ultimate protection against termites using the Protectant Termite Barrier System concept. Designed and made in Australia, our Protectant system products have been expansively tested, comply to AS3660 and the Building Codes of Australia and have been audited under the CodeMark system.

These termite barriers can save many thousands of dollars in termite treatment and repair costs. That's why it pays to choose the ultimate termite barrier system available to give your most valuable asset the highest level of complete termite protection available. Ask your builder in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or other regional areas about our termite barrier systems. You will be pleasantly surprised at the small cost of our termite barriers.

Please give PPM a call on 1300552532 for more information.

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