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Termites and timber pests can cause damage in a relatively short time. It is important that your home is inspected for activity on a regular basis. Australian Standards recommend a termite inspection by a licensed termite management professional at least every 12 months and for homes above the Tropic of Capricorn every 6 months.

A timber pest or termite inspection provides information to the home/property owner or purchaser about possible termite, borer or decay problems.

There are two main reasons for having a timber pest or termite inspection:

1) Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection: When you are preparing to purchase a property we can help in ensuring the structure is free from termites and other pests.

2) Termite Inspections for Home Preservation: Keeping up annual termite inspections is vital for maintaining your home or property.

Protectant Pest Management will provide an inspection by one of our qualified pest technicians and meet the requirements of the Australian Standards.

Please give PPM a call on 1300552532 for more information.

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