Ant Control By PPM


Ants in and around your home can be a tricky matter. Sometimes ant colonies are small with only a few dozen of the little creatures present or they can number in the millions. When their colonies are large, ants will be vigorously looking for sources of food and water to support their numbers. Once scouts find a food source, your pantry for instance, they will set up pathways for hundreds of other ants to follow which could result in a serious ant infestation.

Extensive ant migrations can result in food contamination, painful bites, and chemical trails leading to your home that other insects can find and follow.


Do You Need Professional Ant Control?

If you're seeing a few scattered ants about the place it is not too difficult to treat with domestic methods, but if you're seeing a large number of them you may need professional help. Infestations can occur quickly so if you're having concerns, it is best to call us right away.

What Can You Expect From PPM Ant Control?

PPM will come to your home and assess the extent of your ant problem. Once we know the scope of the issue we will try to locate nesting sites close to the house and effectively treat them.

We do an external treatment around the base of the house and into the weepholes if applicable.

We will treat the roof void and use gel ant baits internally.

We'll also talk to you about plans for the future to ensure that your ant problem does not return going forward.

Please do not hesitate to call PPM regarding your ant control problem.

It is always better to act quickly rather than wait.

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