Commercial Pest & Termite Control Control By PPM


Running commercial businesses, whether large or small, is very difficult and having the stress of pests and termites on top of daily operations is something no business owner wants to deal with. When it comes to pest control, however, it is not something that can be ignored.

Whether you operate large enterprises such as warehouses, strata & real estate, office buildings, schools, hospitals or run small businesses like B&Bs, laundromats or corner shops, pest and termite control is vital to ensure that you're running up to code and maintaining a healthy environment for both employees and customers.


Protecting people's homes from pest infestations is one thing, but when it comes to commercial pest management, a very different approach must be taken. There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed and documented to ensure that you as the business owner are compliant with Federal, State and local government requirements. The last thing any business owner wants are fines, operating downtime or lost reputation due to pest or termite infestations.

Here at PPM, we follow a strict process to help you ensure your business is pest free and compliant:

Pest and/or Termite Inspection - a thorough inspection of your business premises to determine what pest control problems exist
Identification - if pest or termite problems are found the specific problem will be identified and analysed
Treatment - a targeted treatment plan will be created and put in place to deal with your specific pest problem
Documentation - all appropriate documentation will be provided according to governmental requirements
Pest Management Plan - a plan to avoid the problem reoccurring in the future will be created that includes details such as scheduled inspections, preventative measures, and other additional recommendations

Don't be satisfied with having someone come to your place of business, spray a bunch of harmful chemicals around, and then leave you to fend for yourself in the future. Put your trust in a professional pest management company that will work with you today, tomorrow and into the future to ensure that your business remains pest free.


Please do not hesitate to call PPM regarding your commercial pest or termite control problem.

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