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There are two broad groups of spiders: web spinning and ground dwelling. Web spinning spiders are generally the harmless ones whereas ground dwellers are the ones we need to be particularly wary of. Regardless of which type they are, however, many people don't want any kind of spider at all in and around their home and who could blame them?

Spiders typically inhabit protected, out of the way areas such as underneath furniture, wall junctions, and behind shelving or other storage areas. They will be most active at night and in Autumn which is their mating season.


Do You Need Professional Spider Control?

You shouldn't be concerned if you notice a few Daddy Long Leg spiders about as they can actually help reduce the number of other pests in your home but other species such as Funnel Webs, White-Tails and Redbacks can be quite dangerous, especially to pets and small children.

Whether the spiders in your home are dangerous or not, if you want the most effective method at getting rid of them you'll need to call the professionals.


What Can You Expect From PPM Spider Control?

Our spider control technician will visit your home and do a thorough investigation to find out the extent of the infestation. Once we know the situation we can then effective treat the problem.

We treat your roof void internally and then externally treat eaves, guttering, downpipes, around windows and door frames, attached pergolas and garages.

Additional treatments around fences, pools, rockeries, sheds, outdoor furniture, etc. can be added as an additional element quoted by the technician on the day.

Please do not hesitate to call PPM regarding your spider control problem.

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