Silverfish Control By PPM


Silverfish - those weird, primitive, wingless insects that look like something out of a science fiction horror movie. The most common house species is covered with smooth glistening silvery scales, hence the name.

Silverfish can survive in just about any climate but they prefer dark, damp areas such as kitchens, laundryrooms, sheds and bathrooms and will consume such things as paper, clothing, linens and wallpaper. They are mostly nocturnal and are fast movers so they are often hard to detect. If you do see one, however, it'll be a safe bet that there are many more around.


Do You Need Professional Silverfish Control?

As previously mentioned, silverfish are reclusive and fast so using household sprays has limited success. A home remedy states that cinnamon is good at repelling silverfish, and this has proven to be true, but repelling them from certain areas of your house isn't the same as getting rid of them completely.

Only professional silverfish control will effectively deal with both the adults and the eggs in their places of shelter.


What Can You Expect From PPM Silverfish Control?

Our silverfish control technician will visit your home and do a thorough investigation to find out the extent of the infestation. Once we know the situation, we can then effectively treat the problem.

We will treat the roof void internally and then treat eaves, guttering, downpipes, around windows and door frames, attached pergolas and garages.

Additional treatments around fences, pools, rockeries, cubbiehouses, etc. can be added as an additional element quoted by the technician on the day.

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