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People often think of cats and dogs when the subject of fleas come up and rightly so. If household pets are not treated for fleas with specialised animal medicine an infestation can easily occur.

The problem is, however, that fleas can invade your home even if you treat your pets, or have no pets at all. Other pests such as mice, rats, possums or birds can introduce fleas into your home and if for some reason the fleas can no longer find the sustenance they need from those pests, they'll come after you. It is not unheard of for people to return from vacation to find their carpets jumping with the little black pests.

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Do You Need Professional Flea Control?

There are all sorts of domestic flea control products such as sprays, bombs, and traps but while they may have have limited success, they all have their drawbacks. Traps work on adult fleas but have very little effect on eggs, sprays only manage to kill the fleas you can see, and bombs cannot reach all hidden or sheltered areas. They will also leave a residue on surfaces and can contaminate exposed food.

A professional flea control service from PPM is by far the most effective method for treating a flea infestation.

What Can You Expect From PPM Flea Control?

For severe flea infestations we will ask that you:

* vacuum carpeting and empty contents into a bag and seal
* mow any long grasses around your home
* ensure any household pets are on a flea treatment program
* wash and/or treat pet bedding with hot water

Once these elements are taken care of our treatment plan will be the most effective.

We will do an internal treatment to carpet areas and an external treatment to areas where the animals frequent.

Please do not hesitate to call PPM regarding your flea control problem.

It is always better to act quickly rather than wait.

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