Termite Inspections


Comprehensive Termite Inspections From PPM

Termites and timber pests can cause damage in a relatively short time. It is important that your home is inspected for activity on a regular basis. Australian Standards recommend a termite inspection by a licensed termite management professional at least every 12 months and for homes above the Tropic of Capricorn every 6 months.

A timber pest or termite inspection provides information to the home/property owner or purchaser about possible termite, borer or decay problems.


There are two main reasons for having a timber pest or termite inspection:

1) Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection: When you are preparing to purchase a property we can help in ensuring the structure is free from termites and other pests.

2) Termite Inspections for Home Preservation: Keeping up annual termite inspections is vital for maintaining your home or property.

Protectant Pest Management will provide an inspection by one of our qualified pest technicians and meet the requirements of the Australian Standards.

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Termite Inspection Report


Our comprehensive Termite Inspection Report covers:

The areas inspected.
All areas where there was evidence of termite activity or damage and the extent of the activity and/or damage.
Type and location of termites found.
Potential damage the activity may cause.
Advice on how the activity can be treated.
Conditions that increase the risk of termite infestation.
Advice on how to reduce the risk of infestation.
Any areas which were not accessible.
The reasons why areas were not accessible.

Timber Pest Inspection Report

Our comprehensive Timber Pest Inspection Report covers:

Reports on Termites.
Reports on Timber Borers.
Reports on Timber Decay Fungi.
Walls are scanned with a Moisture Meter.
Visible timbers are sounded.
Thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the property.

What We Will Inspect

Timber pest inspectors shall familiarise themselves with the overall locality and its effect on the report, and inspect those parts of the subject property to which reasonable access is available. The inspection shall include an assessment of each of the following areas, as necessary, for the completion of the standard Timber Pest Report:

  • the interior of the building(s) (excluding furniture and stored items)
  • the exterior of the building (s)
  • the roof space
  • the subfloor space
  • the site (including trees, stumps and timbers embedded in the soil), within 50m of the main building and within the boundary

Unless otherwise instructed, all accessible timber in service within the property’s boundaries shall be inspected.

What We Will Look For

  • Obvious and not so obvious signs of insect or fungal damage
  • Design or construction flaws that increase the likelihood of termite or timber pest infestation
  • Sagging of any visible structure or finishes fixed to the structure, which may be the only indication of insect and fungal activity.
  • All signs are found through carefully looking at the surface of all visible timbers. Testing, tapping or sounding the timbers should be done. Tapping of the surfaces must be done without damaging the timbers.

Areas that needs special attention:

  • timber walls close to ground level
  • any timber in contact with or within 400mm of ground especially if poorly ventilated and inaccessible
  • timber stairs, landings or structures adjoining the building with no access for inspection
  • sandstone footings and cavity walls built below ground level
  • timber walls above any concrete slabs on solid fill
  • new concrete slabs on ground adjoining old suspended timber floors
  • edges of all concrete slabs on the ground
  • all timbers in contact with dampness, especially walls affected by rising damp or leaking showers and baths
  • bushland, trees and tree stumps on or close to the property

What We Will Plan For

After your inspection, our highly trained termite inspector will map out a plan to protect your property from termites. As each property is different in some way so we will create a precise plan to suit your individual property’s needs.