Termite Control Sydney


CSIRO research suggests that Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the north and south coasts of NSW are the second highest risk category for termite attack in Australia - second only to regions in the tropical north. Homeowners in Sydney and these surrounding regions know that termites and other wood pests thrive in our warm temperatures and high humidity.

If you are considering building a new home in Sydney choose the Termigreen™ Termite Barrier System to provide the ultimate security against termites without flooding the soil under or around your home with chemicals.

The Termigreen™ termite barrier system offered for installation on your new Sydney home will provide a permanent and maintenance free "whole of building protection against concealed entry by subterranean termites" and fully complies with the Australian Standards code AS3660.1 of 2014 and the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.



Peace of mind that your new Sydney home is protected from attack by termites with our ongoing warranty covering both our Termigreen™ barrier and our installation.
Constructed from durable geotextile impregnated with a termite-resistant agent
Complete coverage of the cavity area around the building perimeter

The only termite barrier in Sydney that is always side-fixed
Termites are repelled and killed
50+ years durability
Flexibility for all construction methods
Not affected by water or moisture.
HIA Green Smart Regional Partner.
Safe and sustainable.

The Termigreen™ Termite Barrier System is designed to deter termites from using concealed entry points where they would normally pass through undetected.

Furthermore, the Termigreen™ Termite Barrier System is manufactured, installed and warranted by The White Ant Co., a solely Australian owned and operated company.

If you're looking at building in Sydney you want to protect your investment and to provide the best termite protection in the industry you cannot look past our Termigreen™ termite barrier. Why risk using an inferior termite barrier? Go with termite protection that offers a 50 year warranty from the people who know all there is to know about termites.

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For the best termite control barrier in Sydney you can't beat Termigreen