Pest Management News From PPM - March, 2015

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Autumn is here and the pests are gone!

Or are they?

Autumn is here so all of those annoying pests that have been bugging us all summer long are about to disappear, right?

Not quite…

While it is true that insects such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes hibernate in the colder months how soon they disappear is really dependant on how far temperatures fall in Autumn. If the season stays relatively warm we will still see those pesky bugs for the time being.

In fact, if temperatures only slightly cool off outside we may even see more activity as the insects make their way inside for the warmer temperatures before hibernating later in the season when it really gets cold.

So don’t pack away the insect repellent just yet. We may still need it for a while.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though insects will become dormant as it cools off we will start seeing an increase in rodent activity as they seek out warmer environments. We live in lovely warm, dry houses that provide food as well as shelter so those pesky little critters love to seek out ways into your home wherever they can and you might be amazed at where they enter. The common house mouse can slip through a hole only slightly bigger than a five cent coin.

To prepare your house for winter inspect doors, especially garage doors, to make sure there is good weather-stripping in place with no small gaps for rodents to slip through. Plug any gaps around piping or vents with steel wool or wire mesh. Remember, rodents are excellent climbers so make sure to check for gaps or cracks in walls well above ground level and outdoor ceilings.

As always, if you are seeing pest problems around your home or place of business the best thing to do is to call Protectant Pest Management and let us take care of the problem for you.