Pest Management News From PPM - November, 2016

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Can Rats Really Climb Up Out Of Your Toilet?


Unfortunately, this isn’t an urban myth – the answer is yes.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it’s impossible for a rodent that big to be able to crawl up through the twisted innards of a toilet but as gross as the thought is, it’s true.

National Geographic has shared a video documenting just how those pesky critters can enter your home through the sewers. Before we take a look at that, though, let’s see how it’s all achievable.

This is all possible due to three main reasons:

1) Claws



Sharp claws allow rats to climb surfaces that you would think are unscalable by an animal. Wet, almost vertical surfaces are no match for these rodents so climbing up sewer pipes is easy.

2) Holding Their Breath



Ok, so rats can climb, but how can they crawl up through a toilet filled with water? Tests have shown that rats can hold their breath underwater for three minutes. In fact, they can tread water for three days! No wonder they can survive easily down in the sewers.

3) Collapsible Ribcage



Being able to climb and hold your breath is impressive but as shown in the side-on image of the toilet above, the inner-plumbing is extremely narrow. How can an animal as large as a rat possibly squeeze through? As you’ll see in the video below, rats have ribs that are hinged along the spine which allows them to collapse when they are attempting to push through a thin aperture. If a rat can get its head through a hole then the rest of its body can easily follow.

Thanks go to National Geographic for putting together this video that will no doubt give some of us nightmares!

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