Pest Management News From PPM - September, 2018

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Tips To Keep Your Back Yard Bug Free This Spring

With Spring just around the corner, back yard activities all around the country will soon begin back up again but no one wants those parties, BBQs and other events to be spoiled by pesky invaders. To help keep your back yard pest free this Spring here are a few helpful tips from Protectant Pest Management.

1) Remove or change standing water to keep mosquitoes away. Did you know that mozzies can lay up to 100 eggs in just a bottle cap’s amount of standing water? Any standing water in or around your back yard can prove to be a breeding haven for mozzies so it is a good idea to remove any standing water that you can and be sure to completely change the water in pet’s bowls, bird baths and kiddie pools at least once a week.

2) Remove clover or keep it closely mowed to keep bees away. Bees love clover flowers but since they’re very low to the ground it makes it easy to accidentally step on them and no one enjoys a painful bee sting. Keeping the flowers mowed will keep your lawn virtually bee-free.

3) Speaking of bees, if you’re having a back yard treat like icypoles or watermelon it is a good idea to clean up afterwards. Having sticky, sweet messes around can attract bees, ants and other pests so be sure to clean up after any back yard spills and keep your garbage bins clean and closed.

4) Remove mud wasp nests. Mud Wasps or Potter Wasps love to build mud nests where ever they can. They will usually pick secluded spots like in garages, window corners, or under porches. These types of wasps are not overly aggressive and it is generally safe to remove these mud nests. If you are seeing nests that look like celled paper mache, however, you are dealing with Paper Wasps which can be more aggressive. It is advisable to have professional pest controllers deal with these as they may attack if their nest is disturbed.


These are simple tips to help keep your back yard pest free this Spring. If you are dealing with something more serious we encourage you to call the professionals to ensure your safety.

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