Pest Management News From PPM - December, 2014

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Pest Management For The Summer Cockroach Invasion

It’s summer time and that means cockroaches.

Why do those pesky little critters try to ruin our lovely summers?

It’s simple. Cockroaches like dark, damp conditions and when it’s bright, hot and dry outside guess where they’re headed?

Keeping Them Out

We often leave our doors and windows open during the warmer months to help stay cool but if there is even the slightest gap in the gauze or frame they will soon be scampering in.

Keep door and window screens in good repair and make sure that there are no cracks between them and the frames. Also make it difficult for cockroaches to enter by filling all openings around pipes passing through floors or walls with plaster putty, particularly if cockroaches are coming in from adjoining apartments or from outside.

Take Away Their Food

If you can keep cockroaches from getting into your house great, but what if they’re already inside?

Take away their food supply:

  • Store everything in tightly sealed containers and avoid spilling flour, cereals and other dry materials in cupboards or pantry shelves.
  • Do not leave remnants of food on tables or in kitchen sinks overnight.
  • Sweep up any crumbs or bits of food from the floors of the kitchen, pantry and dining area.
  • Put table scraps, vegetable parings and other waste materials in tightly covered garbage cans.
  • Regularly clean underneath fridges, stoves, toasters and any other movable appliances.
  • Cockroaches love coffee so consider keeping it in the fridge. Cockroaches will be attracted to the smell even in sealed containers.

Take Away Their Water

Remember, cockroaches need water.

Put pet water outside if possible, clean up any water spills in your house and dry the sink after doing the washing up.

If there is no available water cockroaches will move on to somewhere where there is.

Remember, if you try all of the things mentioned above and you’re still having problems

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