Pest Management News From PPM - July, 2014

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It’s winter so you don’t need to worry about pest management right? Hold on a second, that’s not exactly true. In fact, it’s the opposite! Winter is the perfect time to look at pest control in and around your home or place of business.

PPM looks at winter as a time to focus on our inspections and treatments on the inside of our customers’ buildings. Many times in the past we have identified pest issues that homeowners were completely unaware of and were able to prevent other problems before they could start.

At the top of our list are pests that can damage homes such as termites and rodents. A thorough, interior inspection once a year (twice a year if you live above Tropic of Capricorn) is crucial for identifying evidence of these pests. Only then can we go about stopping them as soon as possible. If these pests are already inside your home or place of business it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, the damage will continue because it’s always spring to them when they’re already inside.

Spiders or rats and mice can also be a problem inside where it’s nice and warm. Winter is a chance to physically remove spider webs and egg cases and treat those areas where they are most likely to try and reinfest. We also carefully inspect all areas of homes for evidence of rats and mice. We commonly find rodent activity in sheds, sub-floors, and ceiling voids long before homeowners see the signs in more high profile areas.

Last but not least, winter is the perfect chance for PPM to get your house ready for spring. We identify pest entry points, and use pesticides to create a barrier around your home. In fact, the three things that cause pesticides to break down – light, heat, and moisture – are less of a factor in winter than any other time of year. This means our products will last longer and be right where you need them when it warms back up again.

Any good, year-round pest management program will include a comprehensive winter service performed by a well-trained technician. It is a crucial part of protecting your home, and keeping it pest free all year long.