Pest Management News From PPM - July, 2015

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Pest Management For Your Home…And Your Car!

Pests aren’t just looking to get into your home this winter.

Here at PPM we often talk to people about how to secure their home or place of business against rodents, possums and insects wanting to take advantage of warm interiors during the winter months. Another asset that needs protection against these pests is something you might not immediately think about – your car!


Even though it’s less common to find a mouse living in your car than your house, it can and does happen, sometimes with significant financial expense. In the winter time pests are attracted to the dry, warm areas of our vehicles and once they get inside, they can wreak all kinds of havoc. People have discovered their cars won’t start because rodents have been nibbling on wires or have noticed a growing smell of urine because of nesting. In some cases it can be more serious as in 2014 when Mazda was forced to recall thousands of vehicles because spiders were crawling up vehicles’ fuel tank spouts, weaving webs and eventually blocking the airflow of the fuel tank hose, increasing the risk of fire.


So what can you do to protect yourself and your car against unwanted visitors this winter? As with most pest management issues, it comes down to food and water so if you park your car near these sources you are more likely to have problems. Are you storing pet food in the garage? Are your garbage bins close by? Is there an available source of water for pests? If at all possible, remove these or seal them tightly and the attraction will be reduced.


Also, don’t forget about the interior of your car. Clean your car’s interior regularly. Kids spilling lollies, chips or other food scraps in the back seat provide a prime source of food for pests. Also don’t forget food containers and cups that may seem empty to us but often provide enough for a pest’s meal. It’s always advisable to inspect under the bonnet regularly too, especially if your vehicle is kept in a detached garage or shed, where pests can be left undisturbed for lengthy periods of time.

As always, if you have questions about pest management for your home or place of business please give PPM a call.