Pest Management News From PPM - September, 2015

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How Can I Tell If I Have Termites?

There is a very simple answer to this question. The best way to tell if your home has been invaded by termites or not is to have an annual termite inspection by PPM (structures above the Tropic of Capricorn should have an inspection conducted twice a year). Our highly trained technicians will inspect the interior and exterior of your home or place of business and provide a detailed report on any termite or wood pest activity. As they say, prevention is far better than a cure, so a routine PPM inspection will keep on top of any possible termite situation in your home.


What if you think you already have a problem, however? What are the signs that termites have entered a structure? The following are definite symptoms that you may already have a termite problem:

Mud Tunnels: You typically will not see termites travelling around out in the open. Instead, termites construct mud tunnels to provide safe passage between their nests and sources of food. These mud tunnels can be hard to spot as typically they will be found inside gyprock or underground, but sometimes they can be seen in your home’s brick foundations.


Hollow-Sounding Timber or Walls: When termites consume cellulose they eat materials from the inside out which leaves a thin later of paint or timber at the surface. When you tap on a wall that has sustained termite damage you can hear a hollow sound or if the damage is bad enough you can even press your finger right through!


Tight Fitting Doors and/or Windows: When termites consume cellulose, their excrement creates a closed-in environment that can insulate heat and moisture within windows and door frames. This can cause them to swell and result in hard to open doors and windows.


As previously mentioned, the best safeguard you have against termites is to have your periodic inspection performed by PPM’s highly trained technicians. If you’re seeing signs like the ones listed above, however, it is advised you call PPM right away to ensure any possible termite damage doesn’t get any worse.

For more information on our termite inspections click here.

As always, if you have questions about termite inspections or protection please give PPM a call.