Pest Management News From PPM - August, 2016

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Rotten Rodents!

You have a mouse in the house? What’s the big deal?

It IS a big deal and a dangerous one at that. Rodents pose a multitude of problems and you should be concerned if you’re seeing signs of them in your home or place of business.



Last winter we shared a few tips on how to keep rodents out of buildings, but why is it so important to do so? Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why rodents are so dangerous.

* Contamination of food: rodents contaminate stored food either by consumption or the leaving of urine and feces.

* Spreading disease: rodents can spread disease directly (through their waste or physical contact including scratching and biting) or indirectly through parasites such as fleas that live on them. Some diseases spread by rodents include bubonic plague, salmonella, Murine typhus fever, and trichinosis.

* Physical damage: rodents are well known for causing short-circuits and electrical fires when they chew through electrical cables.

* Health and Safety: if you’re operating a business is vitally important that your customers and employees are not subjected to the health hazardous that are associated with rodents. This can cause a significant commercial risk for your business if your reputation is damaged.



Ok, so it’s a bad thing to have rodents in your home or place of business, but what are the signs that they’re about?

These are just a few of the things to look for:

* Small, black droppings found inside or around the building are a sure sign that there is rodent activity present.

* Dark, dirty scuff marks against skirting boards or pipes can be produced by rodents rubbing against them as they move about.

* Strange shuffling or scratching noises heard behind walls or in ceilings.

* Gnawing or chewing marks on food storage containers, conduits, piping, cabling or cardboard products.

* If motion detectors are going off for no apparent reason it might be due to them catching rodents scurrying about after dark.

* If your dog or cat seem to be very interested in particular areas of the building for no apparent reason it might be because there is rodent activity there.

As mentioned above, we provided some helpful tips on how to keep rodents out of your home or place of business here but if you need professional help do not hesitate to call PPM and we will solve your rodent problem for you.