Pest Management News From PPM - November, 2015

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Make Your Home Less Welcoming To Spiders

Spiders in your home. Not a pleasant feeling for most people. So what can you do to make spiders feel a little less like settling at your place?

Time To Get Organised

Need an excuse to de-clutter your home? Here it is. Spiders like to hide in secluded areas where they can be left undisturbed by normal household activity. If you have piles of things such as books, clothes, shoes, toys, boxes or any other common household items you may be providing the protected, out-of-the-way environment that spiders are looking for.

These sorts of environments are beneficial for other bugs as well which provides food for spiders. If you de-clutter your home you’ll not only reduce the number of bugs in your home but you’ll also be taking away the food source and attractive environment that spiders are looking for too.

Create a Buffer Zone Around Your Home

As we’ve already discussed, spiders are looking for secluded, protected environments to live in. Not only inside your home but outside as well. If they’re close enough to your house outside they may make their way inside soon enough. Keeping a clean buffer zone around the outside of your home will help to keep spiders at a distance.

Things to work on:

  • Cut back overgrown trees and shrubs around the structure
  • Clear out piles of household items such as boxes, newspapers, firewood, etc.
  • Keep your lawn cut around the home
  • Remove any built up dead plant material like leaves and sticks

Again, this will also reduce the number of other bugs hanging around your home which will reduce food sources for spiders.

Reduce Outside Lighting

Speaking of sources of food for spiders, another good idea is to keep outside lighting to a minimum. Outside lighting attracts all kinds of bugs and spiders will quickly follow.

Putting outside lights on timers or even motion detectors will reduce the number of bugs being attracted to areas around your home.

Remove Current Webbing



Spiders, like all creatures, don’t like to have their homes disturbed and have their hard work wasted. If their webs are constantly removed they will soon wish to move somewhere. It is a good idea to remove any signs of webbing around your home and garage, as well as any you find around the outside of your doors and windows that are often opened.

Of course, if these simple remedies don’t work and you still have a spider problem in your home it might be time to call the professionals.

PPM’s highly trained staff can not only deal with your current spider problem but can also work with you to create a plan moving forward that will keep your home spider-free in the future.