Pest Management News From PPM - July, 2016

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Why Are Termites So Harmful?


We’ve all heard termites are bad, but why? What makes them so destructive?

Termites eat wood. That’s not news to most people, but it’s how easily they can get into your home and how they go about consuming wood products that cause so many problems for home owners.



Firstly, termites are dangerous because they can gain access to structures so easily. They can penetrate into houses and buildings along mortar joints, through electrical cable
ducts and waste pipes, and through inner partitions. They will make their way in through any cracks in the structure of a building and then enter into the woodwork.



The next issue then becomes that once termites gain access to a structure, they will begin eating away from the light so by nature, they will be very hard to detect. If only they were sun worshippers we wouldn’t have such trouble noticing them before they could cause such large amounts of damage, but unfortunately for us, that is not the case.

Also because of this, termites are likely to go for wood that is close to the ground, so foundations in buildings which are mostly wooden are of particular concern.



Additionally, termites will eat wood from the inside out. As a result, you won’t even see that there is a problem on the surface of woodwork until the inside has been extensively damaged. This is why repair costs are usually so high because termites have been damaging properties for a very long time before any signs of them have been noticed.

The worst part of a possible termite attack is that you simply don’t know if they’re inside your home or not. The only real way to get peace of mind is to ensure your dwelling has a regularly scheduled inspection. Only then will you know if your home is safe from termites.

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