Pest Management News From PPM - October, 2017

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This month we bring you some myths about mosquitos and their habits.


MYTH:Drinking beer repels mozzies.
FACT: While many of us might want this to be true, it isn’t. Certain studies around the world have shown that mosquitos are perhaps more interested in a person who has been drinking alcohol. It has been suggested that they are more attracted to higher body temperatures and increased carbon dioxide output from faster breathing which can result from alcohol consumption
MYTH: Eating certain foods keeps mozzies away.
FACT: While diet can effect the smell of your skin, there are up to 400 different chemicals on the surface of human skin which all change the way mosquitos treat you. Your food intake only influences a small fraction of these.
MYTH: Wearing light coloured clothing keeps mozzies away.
FACT: There is some truth to this one. It has been shown that mosquitos are attracted to darker colours, particularly navy blue. Wearing lighter coloured clothing won’t stop you from being bitten but mosquitos might be attracted to someone else nearby wearing something darker.
MYTH: Mozzies prefer women and children over men.
FACT: There is a simple reason for this being true. It’s more convenient for a mosquito to settle on skin that isn’t covered with thick hair. Children and women typically have less body hair than men so they are a more attractive target.
MYTH: Citronella keeps mosquitoes at bay.
FACT: This is mostly true. Citronella won’t prevent bites or kill mosquitoes but they will tend to stay away from an area with a strong odour of Citronella. Candles and coils will be more effective with still air of course.
MYTH: Taking vitamin B tablets deters mozzies.
FACT: This old wives tale has been tested extensively and there has been no evidence to prove its effectiveness.
MYTH: Fans can help keep mozzies away.
FACT: Mosquitos are poor flyers and sense their meals by smell so if you have a brisk breeze blowing you have a much better chance of remaining bite-free. The bigger the fan and the smaller the area increases effectiveness.