Pest Management News From PPM - May, 2018

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Gum Trees To Save Crops!

Eucalyptus growing next to your cabbages in the garden to keep pests away? It just might work!

Researchers from Charles Sturt University are currently investigating whether growing native species of trees and bushes close to or even amoungst crops is an effective method of pest management. It is hoped that this $1.6 million project looking at “companion” plants can both reduce pesticide use and lift crop yields – all naturally.

It is believed that there might be a two-fold benefit from these companion plants. One is where the natural defenses of the plants themselves keeps pests at bay and the other is the abilities of these plants to attract natives species of insects and bird life that will also help reduce pest populations.

The project follows widespread use of similar methods in certain parts of Asia where native plants have been used to successfully support rice crops.

The project will run for three years but researchers are hoping to pass along positive results to farmers and growers soon.

For more information please visit the Weekly Times article here