Pest Management News From PPM - September, 2017

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Summer Is On Its Way – Here Come The Ants!


Ants. We all see them almost every day so are they really such a problem? The answer is yes, for several different reasons. Australia has around 3000 species of ants, many of which have extremely painful bites, but it’s not only their bite that can cause problems. When the insects are nesting in or around your home or place of business they can cause damage to furnishings and fixtures and can weaken concrete or paved areas, resulting in expensive repair bills.

Ants can be seen all year round but will appear in very large numbers during the summer as they are busily foraging for food during the warmer months. Large swarms can be seen outside of structures but also inside where food and water is available for gathering. This is the first place you should address if you’re looking to tackle an ant problem yourself.

Cleanliness is your ally. You will need to be extra careful when cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. Anything sweet left open or spilled on floors and counters will be a gold mine for ants. Don’t forget those hard to reach areas like behind the fridge and around the dishwasher too. Ants can and will find food in the tiniest of nooks and crannies.

Another thing to be mindful of are garbage bins. Keep these clean and make sure nothing gets dropped around them that might provide sustenance for ants. Pet food bowls are also an issue because there’s a great source of food just sitting out there in the open for them to steal. Try putting a larger bowl or dish with a little bit of water in it and then sit your pet’s bowl inside it. This creates a ring of protection, separating the ants from the food.

Sprays and dust can be used to combat ants but killing only visible ants doesn’t take care of the nest so they’ll soon be back. If you can’t locate the nest or if your ant problem is simply getting out of hand it is best to give the professionals a call.

There’s no simpler or more effective way of combating ants then bringing in the professionals. Give PPM a call and let us handle the problem for you.